Organic matter is the cornerstone of healthy soil and feeds the soil not just the plant. Organic topsoil, Superloam and nutrient rich compost serve as a better source of nitrogen and phosphorous, increase the beneficial activity of micro flora and fauna, promotes good soil structure and helps retain moisture. Uses include potting soil, mulching medium and topdressing for lawns, among others.

Up to 1 Inch


  • Nutrients wake grasses
  • Better seasonal growth due to organic matter
  • Binds moisture reserve for summer dry spells


  • Provides winter warming blanket for root zones
  • Helps spring growth when mud prevents re-seeding or fertilizing

2-3 Inches

  • Root zone establishment with balanced nutrients for new lawns
  • Use with loam blend to cure ailing subsoil, especially in sandy soils
  • Perfect for grass foundation on steep slopes or difficult access
  • Erosion control with interlocking structure
  • Use in drainage filter berm construction