What makes compost a better product for landscaping and lawn management? Organic matter and nutrient balance!

Choose from two great soil products - organic compost and Superloam (manufactured topsoil).

Superloam is a 50/50 high quality blend of compost and traditional loam. It's properties create better drainage and growth.

All vegetation needs organic matter and nutrients to grow. Organic matter means regenerative growth; nutrients mean fast seed starts and plant disease protection. Our composting process eliminates weed seeds, typically a significant problem with aged loam. The higher moisture retention capabilities of compost also insure greener summer lawns, plantings and vegetation without excessive irrigation. Our products are composted for 6-9 months into a stable soil product. They are carefully cured, blended and balanced for the grower's benefit.

Our 100% Organic Compost is produced from:

  • Leaves and Yard Trimmings (95 +%)
  • Animal Manures (< 5%)