Most mulches are primarily shredded bark, wood or stump grindings.  For the most part, these mixes adequately suppress weed growth in planting beds.  However, in most people's zeal to totally suppress weeds, they or their landscaper tend to lay it on thick so you don't have to deal with it later in the year.  These wood products then want to continue to decompose, and in doing so, rob nutrients from any source, usually the adjacent soils.  If you have planted new or shallow root ornamentals or young trees, the results are premature drying out, stunted growth, loss of leaves, and potential withering and dying out.  Our NUTRI-MULCH is a blend of natural pine bark and our organic compost, a perfect mix to suppress weeds, feed the nearby plants, and provide a sustainable garden bed.  And it's a dark brown color so it looks natural.  Give it a try, your plants will love you for it.