Super loam, magic soil, manufactured topsoil or garden gold...

It doesn't matter what you call it. Both our compost and manufactured topsoil are better than loam! It provides a superior, nutrient enriched material for landscaping and lawn management.

Traditionally, compost has been marketed as a fancy, stand alone product that only a small group of organic gardeners really knew how to use effectively.

Not any more.

At Seacoast Farms Compost Products, we know that compost is actually an excellent soil conditioner that can improve worn out, poor growing and generally inferior soils. We think that no matter what you call it, you should be enjoying the benefits of compost for your gardens and our manufactured topsoil, we call it Superloam, for lawn, raised beds, and specialty plantings. At Seacoast Farms, we manufacture a topsoil in 9 to 12 months that Mother Nature usually takes 3 or 4 years to make.

Seacoast Farms was founded by Bob Kelly and his associate, Darren Davis, in 1998 with a mission to recycle discarded organic materials into useful soil products. Bob's training as a professional civil engineer with a background in environmental engineering at Dartmouth College helped develop an understanding of the beneficial relationship between good foundation soils and successful landscaping and construction projects.